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Alpine Construction – Family Owned and Operated

A  Message from Owner – Darius Rappe

As a family owned and operated Spokane business, Alpine Construction takes pride in running our company with small business service yet with large business capabilities. We implement regular safety programs and carry industry leading insurance coverage to protect you, your home or building and our workers. Alpine Construction employs only highly trained professionals so you can trust in our workmanship and our warranties.   Our employees are professional, courteous and well-screened to give you peace of mind and most have been with us for many years.. We have an experienced and dedicated management team charged with ensuring a quality job from start to finish. Alpine Construction is dedicated to doing things right, the first time, so you can be confident in your decision to hire us as your contractor.


We’re knowledgeable about our region’s weather conditions so you can appreciate our recommendations on the right roofing and or masonry solution for your home or building.  We are constantly seeking ways to improve so we remain the region’s first choice for residential and commercial roofing, remodel and general contracting work.


Now operating with 2nd generation leadership – our family operation has many decades of contracting and customer service experience.  We understand the importance of completing our work on time and on budget and for you to be comfortable with our employees working in your home or business.


We would love to talk with you about your upcoming construction project – whether it be a small bathroom remodel, a new roof, a brand new kitchen or maybe some new siding or windows – Alpine Construction is Spokane’s first choice for quality work at competitive prices.  We have been doing work for many of our customers for years – and would like nothing more to add you to the growing Alpine Construction family.

Remodeling Project Doesn’t Have to be a Nightmare

Tips for That Upcoming Remodeling Project

From the USA Today Online Edition May 7, 2012  Click Here for Original Article and video

By Garrett Hubbard, USA TODAY

Everyone’s heard the horror stories — the contractor who rips out the back of a house, has a nervous breakdown and disappears, one day before the homeowner leaves town for vacation. Or the builder who never shows up on time, does poor work and overcharges.
Home renovations, expected to pick up later this year, don’t have to be traumatic. With a bit of luck, and lots of preparation, homeowners can boost the odds for a happy ending.

“We’re working on the heart of a person’s life. We’re house doctors. Choose your doctor carefully,” says Jerry Levine, a Washington, D.C.-area remodeler with the Levine Group. He says remodeling is sensitive business, because it forces occupants to think about their  lives together and to make myriad decisions.

“I’ve seen marriages fall apart,” Levine says, adding that contractors often act as much as therapists as builders. When a couple start arguing about whether they want stripes on the wallpaper, he says they may really be talking about whether to stay in the marriage.

“It’s a very personal relationship (between customer and contractor). You have to like the person,” says designer Stephen Saint-Onge, author of No Place Like Home (Wiley), encouraging people to get referrals from friends and neighbors. “You don’t want to have someone in your house you’ll dread seeing everyday.”

Those encounters are likely to be more common, given the industry’s projected growth by the Remodeling Futures Program at Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies. In a mid-April report, the program said stronger home sales and low interest rates will boost remodeling later this year, ending 2012 up 5.9%.

With homeowners crushed for time, the selection process often becomes a sort of speed dating, and contractors say they’re often asked the wrong initial questions:

How long will it take? How much will it cost? When can you start?

“People are too focused on getting it done and the price,” says George “Geep” Moore Jr., a remodeler from Elm Grove, La.,  and the 2012 Remodeling Chairman for the National Association of Home Builders.

“The cheapest price is not always the best price,” he says, noting some contractors may underbid to get a job, then  tack on higher fees later, do poor work or possibly not finish.

He recommends homeowners learn more instead about the contractor’s qualifications, licensing and insurance by asking for proof of each and verifying the information with licensing boards and insurers. Unless the insurance covers workers’ compensation, he says, a customer can be liable if a workman gets hurt on the job, and many homeowners’ policies don’t cover those expenses.

The right questions are especially important in older homes because of new federal rules for handling lead-based paint. In 2010, the Environmental Protection Agency began requiring that contractors who work on pre-1978 homes be certified in lead-safe practices or face daily fines of up to $37,500. Not all remodelers have been certified, and homeowners may unknowingly hire less expensive, untrained workers.

Of 129 million U.S. housing units, 76.5 million were built before 1980 and half of those — about 38 million — contain lead, according to the EPA.

“Always call and get references,” Moore says, adding it’s wise to check on the contractor’s record with the Better Business Bureau, as well as with local builders’ associations. And he adds: “Don’t ever do a job without a contract.”

“I would interview three people” when hiring either a contractor or an architect, says architect Sarah Susanka, co-author of Not So Big Remodeling (Taunton Press). “I wouldn’t go much more than that, because you’ll drive yourself crazy.”

Susan Matus, a project designer for Case Design/Remodeling, a large Washington, D.C.-area firm, says homeowners often benefit by picking a contractor who also offers design services. That way, she says, the project is designed to meet the client’s budget.

“You don’t want to go through the design process and find you’re off track” financially, she says, referring to cases where an architect designs something that the client can’t afford.

When hired separately, however, architects can represent the owners’ interests in checking the work of contractors — up to a point. Who checks the architects? In some large projects, homeowners hire an independent third party to make sure everyone is doing his or her job correctly. Usually, though, that  falls to the homeowner. That’s why homeowners are advised to take the time to hire qualified people.

“Direct experience is the  No. 1 priority… Have they really done this kind of project before?” says Duo Dickinson, an architect and author of Staying Put: Remodel Your House to Get the Home You Want (Taunton Press).

He adds: “The one thing you have to do is not hire a brother-in-law.”

Understanding the Contractor’s Bid

So, you are ready to choose a contractor for that home improvement project?  New siding, windows, basement or kitchen remodel?  Maybe your roof is not going to make through another Spokane Winter?  Alpine Construction wants you to choose the best contractor for your job – and we are confident in our ability to get that job done – on time and on budget!  Call us today for a no obligation site visit – 509-448-8099.

The Lowest Bidder

It is unwise to pay too much,but it is worse to pay too little.When you pay too much you lose a little money…. that is all. When you pay too little you sometimes lose everything because what you bought was incapable of doing what it was bought to do.

The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot … it can’t be done!

If you deal with the lowest bidder it is well to add something for the risk you run and if you do that, you will have enough to pay for something better.

Quote from John Ruskin 1819 -1900

Following are some tips to help you choose the right contractor for your project!

From www.bhg.com – Original article is here

Written Estimates
Comparative shopping is easy when you’re dealing with shoes or cars or fruit. But when the item up for bid is a remodeling project, well … let’s just say it’s apples and oranges.

It takes a dozen hours or more for remodelers to create a design, draw up a building plan, and extrapolate a fair price for the project—all with no guarantee that they’ll actually get the job. That’s why most remodelers won’t provide written quotes until you have paid an up-front design fee. This usually ranges from $1,000 to $2,500, but it may be lower if you already have a set of architectural blueprints.

In some cases, contractors may be willing to offer verbal estimates, but these may be less accurate than a written quote.

Project Costs
Remodeling costs fluctuate greatly depending on numerous factors, all affected by the remodelers’ business style and vision for the project. Every remodeler is going to have a different way of looking at things, so the bottom line is going to be different.

Some of the variables include the following:

Windows: A remodeler who specifies stock vinyl windows might budget less than $75 per window. One who prefers custom wood windows may allocate 10 times as much.

Lumber: A project’s lumber tab differs for a variety of reasons. How many of the boards are treated? What are the dimensions? Is the contractor calling for engineered beams rather than traditional boards? Do plans call for framing the wall with 2x4s or 2x6s? Load-bearing capacity, insulation requirements, and aesthetics are just some of the factors that determine the type—and therefore the cost—of the lumber a remodeler uses.

Siding: A remodeler’s ideas for your home’s exterior significantly affect the ultimate price. Vinyl siding or aluminum siding is cheaper than wood; wood is cheaper than brick or stone.

Roofing: The remodeler’s specified roofing material is a big part of the budget. Keep in mind that ornamental features, including gables and dormers, also add to the cost.

Foundations: Additions must be supported by a foundation, which varies in cost depending on its depth and materials. A poured-concrete foundation, for example, costs half as much as stacked blocks.

Mechanicals: Choices about the heating and cooling setup have a big budgetary effect, as does the number of plumbing and electrical fixtures.

Doors: Don’t overlook the cost of doors. Unless your remodeler plans to install hollow-core, prehung doors, you’ll pay hundreds of dollars for each one. If the remodeler specifies exotic woods and custom hardware, the budget could include thousands for each door.

Details: The best remodelers revel in creating unique spaces, so their estimates often include extras such as cherry millwork, intricate paint schemes, and granite countertops. A more modest bid probably includes limited luxuries.

Labor: Individual remodelers set labor costs at their discretion. The cost will be higher if you’re dealing with a reputable remodeler, and higher still if the reputable remodeler is in great demand when you want your project completed.

Overhead: A typical remodeler must pay for office space, staff, equipment, and insurance. These items may seem unrelated to your project, but don’t underestimate their value.

Pick the Right Price

So how do you make a decision about costs when you’re working with estimates packed with loads of volatile variables? Basically, you talk—a lot—with the prospective remodelers, then pick one you trust.

Reputable remodelers work with clients to design a project that fits a realistic budget.

Spring Time in Spokane – Project Time!

Alpine Construction – 509-448-8099

Beat the Spring and Summer rush and call today for a no obligation site visit!

The Spokane area certainly has four seasons – and Spring can be a combination of winter, summer and fall! The changing season is a great time to get those home remodeling projects underway. Alpine Construction is your choice for general contracting services in the Spokane area. Since 1987 we have been providing value and quality to a broad spectrum of contracting services.

Roofing: We can provide high quality product and installation for most any roofing situation. Our 25 plus years of experience and our great supplier relationships give us the competitive advantage – not just in price, but in quality and service as well. For both Commercial and Residential roofing, Alpine Construction is Spokane’s preferred choice.  We offer composition, laminate, flat roof elastomeric and even mobile home roof coatings.  Ask about our “All American Roofing” package.

Siding:  The siding business has been a main stay of Alpine Construction since our begining in 1987.   Whether it be vinyl, steel, wood, Hardiplank, or a stone or brick facade, siding is our specialty.  Siding not only protects your home, but it adds lasting value to your investment.  Contact us today and beat the spring rush!

Remodeling:  For many homeowners – selling their home is not really an option, the logical choice is to update and remodel.  Whether for style or size, many times a remodel is the right choice over selling in a depressed real estate market.  We can do a bathroom in the basement or a full kitchen.  Alpine can turn that extra bedroom into a game room or add a second story to your rancher.  No remodel job is too large or too small!  Skylights, windows, insulation, additions, garages, decks, patios, painting, fencing – call us today and get ahead of the spring and summer rush.  Trust Alpine to bring your home up to date and meet and exceed the needs of your family.

Rain Gutters:  Your rain gutters should be inspected and on a regular maintenance program.  If you don’t have gutters or they are leaking or installed improperly – you are putting many facets of your home at risk for serious and even catastrophic water problems.  Our rain gutters are seamless and each is custom designed and built for your home.  The latest in design and gutter technology are available from Alpine.

Masonry|Chimney|Stone & Brick:  Do you have cracked mortar, a damaged chimney, a crumbling stone wall, damaged steps or even a dangerously damaged firebox?  Alpine Construction offers a full range of quality masonry and installation and repair services.  Often times masonry repair is cosmetic – but that isn’t the case when dealing with your chimney or firebox!  Even your crumbling concrete pathway or stairs are a trip hazard in need of immediate attention.  Call us today for a free, no obligation site visit.


Free Estimates – Financing On Approved Credit

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Commercial and Residential

Spokane Roofing Contractor

Alpine Construction in Spokane has been providing high quality, general contracting services for 25 years. Roofing has been a large part of our business since we opened in 1987. Alpine Construction specializes in residential and commercial roofing projects – flat roofs, pitched roofs, roof shingles, roof coatings, mobile home roofing and composition laminate roofing with 30 to 50 year warranties!

Alpine uses American Made products including Pabco Roofing Products. We also perform roof inspections, install and repair skylights, flashing and venting. Get on our schedule before the spring rush and before you have any interior water damage! Free Estimates – Family owned and operated. Call today at 509-448-8099 or email us at darius@alpineconstructionspokane.com

Made in America Pledge

Alpine Construction of Spokane is one of a growing number of general contractors pledging to use 5% or more of American made building materials in their construction projects.  Using PABCO roofing products is one of several ways Alpine Construction routinely uses over 5% (and often much more) of American made materials in their business.   Alpine will continue to seek out new opportunities to include more American Made materials, including the possibility of using Maze Nails , featured in the news report below.   Alpine Construction is Spokane and North Idaho’s choice for roofing, remodeling, general construction, siding, gutters and windows.  Since 1987 – delivering high quality at competitive prices.

To see more about Made in America building materials and the impact using them can have on our economy CLICK HERE to view an ABC News report.